Re-Purposing this Blog

It has been a few years since I last wrote a post for this blog. I see that I only have ten posts.

I’ve decided to re-purpose this blog. Moving forward I will not be using the same format…short posts with scriptures and prayers. Posts will be more journal style, not necessarily neat and tidy.

I see so many people struggling with meaning and purpose. So many battling depression and anxiety. A lot of confusion about what to believe and a kind of desperate grasping at fragments of truth.

I began this blog motivated by the verse “Who can find a woman of honor? Her worth exceeds that of precious gems.”

My Christian faith informs much of my life. But I must qualify this by saying that what I believe continues to be tested. Life is a laboratory of sorts where my beliefs are tested for voracity.

This week a friend of mine passed away following an illness from which I also suffer. The disease and the meds I take have affected my quality of life, limiting my commitments.

When we grieve a loss, or have health issues, or face financial or relational setbacks such as a business failure or a divorce, we ask the difficult questions. What is important in life? Do I have a purpose? What is that purpose? Am I making the best choices?

I would like to use this blog to share some of my thought processes and how I deal with difficult times.

After spending some time reflecting on women who have helped me through difficult terrain–those whom I consider as women of honor, I have taken a closer look and asked a few questions.

What distinguishes a woman of honor? Why would someone want to be a woman of honor? Who is a woman of honor?

I recognize women of honor around me as some of the greatest influencers in this world and I believe the subject is worthy of our attention.

Not too long ago a friend of mine with whom I had lost contact committed suicide. The thought of what drove her to such a place of desperation is deeply troubling to me. I think, with sadness, that perhaps if we had kept in touch, she might still be here.

I feel indebted to men and women who have influenced the course of my life at various stages. Without them, I too might have despaired. I want to show my gratitude by continuing their legacy and being open and willing to share my journey.

For now I only have a vague idea of where this will lead. I realize that in this age of feminism the reference to a woman of honor has the potential to invite controversy. Still, I do believe there is a need to reflect on what is precious. My desire is to help others face the future with greater peace, hope and love.


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