I am passionate about women taking their rightful place alongside men. As women we are to train our children and to teach the younger women. Men also need our caring support, Many times they carry the greater burden of responsibility. They look to us to be a trusted  mother, sister and friend.

This is a role that can only be filled if we take seriously our call to be women of honor. If more women took this to heart, I am convinced we would increasingly see men stepping up to the plate and shouldering their responsibilities with pride and courage.

One more thing, submission in women does not imply dominance in men. There has been much misunderstanding surrounding this subject. Men who dominate women are putting themselves in a role for which they were not intended.

Men are by nature protectors of women and children. They tend to dominate when they are threatened. We will accomplish much more together by building a relationship of trust and mutual encouragement than we ever could by insisting on our individual rights.

Tina Friesen


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